Welcome to Kabbani Family

The present board is made up of 12 members, seven gentlemen and five ladies. Our main goal is uniting all Kabbani’s together and doing all what we can do towards the needy of the Kabbani family. With many thanks to the generous great men and women in this family we are able to pay for some medication, hospitalization, labs, social help and last but not least education.  The only sources of income for the Organization is through:  your YEARLY DUES by joining the organization, your generous CONTRIBUTIONS and your ZAKAT. With today’s economic situation there are a lot of proud Kabbani’s that are in need and they do not ask. Our job is to look for those people and try to help them with our limited resources.

Dear Cousins, the more the organization can RECEIVE from your generosity, the more it can PROVIDE.

This is a great day and we are looking forward for even better days in the future with your help, support and cooperation.

Since these are great days and the holy month of Ramadan is approaching, we take this opportunity to wish you all Ramadan Karim.

There will be the Family Annual Iftar at the Bristol Hotel. on the evening of August 14th, 2011.

Noureddine A. Kabbani