Welcome to Kabbani Family


Dear Members of the Family,

It is our pleasure to inform you that we have a website. Starting today you can join our family's online community and be able to communicate and keep up with the latest news of the family. Our aim is to bring all the Kabbani Family members together and reach out also for those who are none members and let them join.

The new generation is the future, and by applying technology we are asking this new generation to join us to build the future. We encourage you to join us and for that reason also we are in the process of establishing a new committee for the Kabbani Family Youth. In the near future we will announce the names of the people who will be in charge of such committee under the direct supervision of the board.

Our family is a great family.  A family full of great history, full of great men and full of great women locally and abroad. We need to unite and get to know each other. Our aim with the website is to bring the Kabbani Family Organization into your home, under your finger tips and let you feel that you have a committee that you belong to and be the link with all the Kabbani’s that are out there.

The website will be providing you in the future with news, events and all the different activates that the Organization does. It will explain to you where to pay your ZAKAT or contribution to help the needy ones of this family. It will let you advertise your business. It will let you put your CV on line if you are looking for a Job. It will let you look at the photo gallery and see your beloved ones, etc, etc, etc. It will let you be even more proud to be a Kabbani, this Great Family.